ARABIC MEHNDI DESIGNS FOR BRIDE, Indian weddings are full of special rituals. One of these, and particularly important, is the so-called Mehndi-ki-raat, which takes place one day before the wedding.

In this feast, which includes a lot of dancing, the legs and arms of the groom and the bride are crafted by Mehndi practice experts with henna. It is not only the groom and the bride who are “painted”. Mostly women and men from the close surroundings of the bride also paint their hands and feet creating special symbols and representations to express their enthusiasm for the wedding.


Through Mehndi on one hand the bride turns into a princess ready to start a new life and on the other signifies a relationship of affection and love. Indeed, the longer the bride’s bride retains, the greater the bride’s love for the groom is.

ARABIC MEHNDI DESIGNS FOR BRIDE are of various elements are represented through the designs of the Mehndi. Designs can be from birds such as turkey, duck, along with flowers and leaves. Some people like the abstract Mehndi design. Those are little different from the usual Mehndi designs, but it looks very impressive. You can get the designs on your palms, back hand portion, legs, arms, etc. Bridal Mehndi designs mean those variety that seem appropriate within the hands of brides. In this article we will talk about some of the exclusive designs that will surprise not only the bride and groom, but also the guests who attend the wedding ceremony.


arabic mehndi designs
People who stay in Arab countries are drawn great designs on their hands when the bride is ready to get married. This is one of their customs. We will find the design in which the dark colored Mehndi is represented on the palm of the hand and extends to the place that is only an inch below the elbow. The work is very beautiful where you have very fine and elaborate Mehndi design. This will be an excellence in your marriage. This has an exclusive prison and work reasons.

arabic mehndi designs for bride

arabic mehndi designs for bride 2018

Dulhan is another word for the Indian bride. India is a country with a great variety of religion. Their custom and rituals make us rich in culture. Some of the traditional Dulhan Mehndi designs also create a great impression on an individual. Both the individual with such design and the viewer became obsessed with the design. This is also one of the designs of those portrayed on the full arm of the bride. This has a variety of pattern works with chains, flowers and some semicircles. The empty space on the palm of the hand also makes great design.

top arabic mehndi designs for bride



If you have visited the Arabic state, you will be aware of the art and culture imbibed among the people. Women and men staying in Arabic Country mostly have a profession of putting exclusive design Mehndi on their hands. Walk on the houses of duos get married to place the design. This ARABIC MEHNDI DESIGNS FOR BRIDE

awesome mehndi designs for bride

is also one among the collections placed by the people who stay in Middle East. If you see the design correctly, you can see the images of a horse riding a person. Another part has the image of a girlfriend sitting with Pally. Both are really commendable.

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