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Mehndi Designs for legs and more specifically, on the thigh, are not the most common. Maybe it’s because when wearing pants they cannot show off. In spite of everything, the Mehndi designs for legs can be an excellent option for the girls who wear skirts frequently. This type of beautiful Mehndi Designs for legs can be very elegant and eye-catching, there are 10 best Mehndi Designs for legs for all tastes. Of course, the guys can also choose top Mehndi designs for legs, on the thigh, but in this article we will mainly refer to the modern Mehndi Designs for legs for you all.

Mehndi Designs for legs calf and nice


Before continuing to look at more Mehndi designs, let’s talk about some common features in Mehndi Designs performed on the thigh.

1. In general, they are broad designs.

One of the main advantages of getting a Designs on the thigh is that the Designs artist has a large area to work. For the Mehndi Designs does not seem “lost” in the thigh, it is recommended to avoid small designs, which are reserved for the nape, shoulder blade, ankle or wrist, generally choosing large designs for the thigh, which cover a large area , so that it looks better.

2. They are made in colors.

The Mehndi Designs that is made only in red and dark brown is not recommended for this area of the body. Now a days you can find Mehndi in different colors from the market. Designs on the leg or on the thigh look much better if they are done in colors. The person who designed you can recommend certain colors for your designs, depending on the skin color you have base.

3. Eye-catching and feminine designs.

Many of the girls who choose Mehndi Designs for leg, on the thigh opt for really striking designs. If you do not want to be seen on a certain occasion, wearing a pair of pants solves the problem. And when you want to show off, just put on a short skirt. The nice Mehndi designs on the thigh can also be very feminine and sexy. The design can actually adapt to each person’s style. MEHNDI DESIGNS FOR KIDS are available here as bellow designs are not suitable for kids as they have very little legs.


In the image that follows, you can appreciate a nice example of a design on the leg. A very large design, in soft colors.
Before continuing to see ideas for beautiful Mehndi Designs for legs or thigh, we will give you some important tips to choose a good design and a good Design artist.

First, choose an experienced Mehndi artist. A design on the thigh is a big design, if it is not done by an experienced professional, the design can be totally ruined.

Request a design sketch. Before starting the design, ask the professional to make a sketch of the design, so you can see it well. Maybe you take your own sketch to the design artist, check both the design before starting, to make sure that the designs will really be as you wish.

Ask the Mehndi artist to show you pictures of previous works. Especially if your design will be in colors. It is not the same to see a drawing as to see photos of finished works. To check the quality of the design you can achieve, ask to see photos of other large design, in colors that you have previously made. If you really are a good professional, you will surely have many examples to show you. The brides can also use these designs as these MEHNDI DESIGNS FOR BRIDE are very excellent on the event of wedding.

And since we mentioned it, the meaning of the designs is also very important when choosing a design. If you choose a design on your thigh just because it looks beautiful and nothing else, maybe in the day you’ll get bored of seeing it. That’s why you have to be very sure in the first place that you really want a Mehndi Designs for legs, on your thigh, and second, you have to think a lot about what design you really want. Bridals can also find MEHNDI DESIGNS FOR FINGERS as along with Mehndi designs for legs.

It has to be a design that means something special to you. Represent your personality, a fact of your life or a slogan that you do not want to forget. Do not even think about designing the name of your partner. If they separate, erasing the design will be not be difficult and painful. Maybe you want to pay tribute to your mother, your grandmother, some very special family member, in short, the possibilities are many, and the important thing is that the designs has a deep meaning for you. Think carefully before deciding.

Mehndi Designs for legs beautiful and simple

Mehndi Designs for legs best design

Mehndi Designs for legs unique and easy

Mehndi Designs for legs full covered

Mehndi Designs for legs new and simple

More Unique Mehndi Designs for Legs

Mehndi Designs for legs simple


Mehndi Designs for legs trendy

Trendy Mehndi Designs for legs

Mehndi Designs for legs unique and easy

Mehndi Designs for legs unique

Mehndi Designs for Legs

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